Tank Linings

Leading the tank lining industry for over thirty years, Ross Hartrick 1978 Limited has specialized in the brewery, malting and food and beverage industries.

We use a wide selection of epoxy lining materials that can be applied to a wide range of different substrates including mild steel, stainless steel and concrete. Some examples of these vessels include Fermenting Tanks, Aging Tanks, Bottling Tanks, Water Storage, Chemical Storage, Silos and Storage Vessels.

Our food grade epoxy coatings are non-tainting, have high viscosity, have a wide range of temperature and chemical resistance and many are 100% solids. Many materials have CFIA and FDA approvals.

Our products come with product application and performance tracking, many with over thirty years application and tracking history. Product and workmanship performance records have been designed and used in our business since day one.

We can accurately track each lining material from date of application, recording lining performance and lining life.

This valuable information provides plants with availability to implement a preventative maintenance program. This eliminates further contaminated products and elimination of costly unexpected production downtime do to unforeseen contamination of your product from your vessel condition.

Vessel lining still performing after 25 years