Owners Profiles

Edward Zacharczuk

Ross Hartrick 1978 Limited was established in 1957 by Ross Hartrick and eventually became one of the largest unionized commercial painting companies in Ontario Canada.

Edward Zacharczuk was originally hired as an estimator, with a back ground in structural steel, excellent communication skills and the drive to achieve excellence, Ed quickly worked his way to become Ross Hartrick’s second in command.

Learning the business inside and out next to Ross, Edward Zacharczuk purchased the company from Ross in 1978 and introduced the tank lining division.

By the late eighties Ross Hartrick 1978 Limited was applying food grade epoxy linings globally.

Lee Zacharczukemail: obeertank@aol.com

Chief Executive Director

Lee joined the Ross Hartrick 1978 Limited team in 1993. Taking a keen interest in the entire dynamics of the company’s specialty Tank Linings, Lee has been a substantial member in the company. Leading our Research and Development team in all aspects of substrate corrosion, Lee heads the research and testing of epoxy materials around the world.

Member of the MBAA (Master Brewers Association of America) since 2004.

Active member of the technical committee’s Ontario District since 2005.

Member of NACE, SSPC, and BA (Brewers Association).

Lee heads our PR department and often speaks at events.

Guy Zacharczuk email: guyzacharczuk@aol.com

IT Director
Project Director

Guy joined the Ross Hartrick 1978 Limited team in 1990, and has been an active member and leader in our Research and Development program. Designing and developing new and more efficient technologies in removing hazardous materials and designing specialty equipment for new product applications.